How Do We Ensure the Stability of Air Dome Structure?

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As powerful storm swiped across the region of New Jersey on April 3rd 2023, it destroyed the state's largest recreational sports Bubble which has caused it to collapse at the Adventure Crossing USA Complex. 100,000-square-foot dome's fabric ceiling liner lying on the field in the aftermath of the tornado. This incident has brought to us attention the safety issue of Air Dome Structures. Here comes a question: How do we ensure safety for Broadwell Air Dome Structure?

Broadwell has equipped with powerful Scientific Computational Design capability

Air Dome is a typical flexible structure, membrane material is the body of Air Dome Structure, this material has strong tensile strength . For the design of an Air Dome structure. First, we need to build a model of Air Dome structure, we customize the parameters for specific project according to size of the project, the purpose of the project, local climate conditions. Second, for each specific project, we need to collect data for historical climates as the parameters for designing. We use professional design software to figure out the basic structure of Air Dome, therefore we are able to confirm parameters for Wire Rope, Anchor Bolt, Equal-Leg Angle parts etc, we want to make sure the design and installation processes are secure from the very beginning.

Broadwell Cable Harness Net System is our concern for safety

Except for making sure the membrane material of Air Dome will be able to withstand heavy wind and snow from mechanic perspective, Cable Harness Net System which developed by Broadwell is considered as the last security protection ‘shield’ of Air Dome Structure , this system wires up the entire membrane material. In case of strong winds, this system will shift the stress force to the anchoring system of Air Dome. This system makes sure the entire Air Dome structure is safe. Our Cable Harness Net System is able to withstand heavy strong wind and tolerate over 250kg per square meter snow load on top of the Air Dome.

Remote Smart Control System

Broadwell-developed Remote Smart Control System --’Broadwell Cloud Control’ allows owner to manage the Air Dome remotely, this system will help owners to save maintenance costs; This system also improves the security level of Air Dome Operation. When internal and external pressure difference change due to heavy winds or other factors, our system will send out alert to the Air Dome owners through their phone to let them get involved right away to avoid security incident, Broadwell provides Dual Security level to protect our customers.

Decentralized Control System

This year, Broadwell has developed “Decentralized “ Control system which base on the original PLC Control system, it has modified original centralized control pattern, we use EC Ventilating Machine, Decentralized Control, which will reduce the risks of original system , it is designed to improve the security level of control system to the next level, which will reduce system malfunction by 50%.

Perfected Fire- Control System Design

Besides Key Technologies described above, we have designed a Fire- Control system in each of our Air Dome according to fire regulation, we make sure each Fire Exit,Emergency Door, Fire Hydrant design matches Legal and Safety requirements. We want to confirm that people are safe in the Air Dome structure in case of fire or other emergency accidents.

Light Membrane Material

Besides great tensile feature of the membrane material, there is another benefit of Broadwell Air Dome Stadium, which is the light membrane material, that is only weight

2 kg / m2, If this is the case, even if the Air Dome collapse, there will still be enough time for people to escape from the Air Dome structure because our Air Dome structure will collaspe at a slower rate, it will give people enough time to escape to avoid catastrophic consequences.

The stability of Air Dome structure is our top priority, Broadwell Air Dome is taking security seriously.

As the Air Dome Solution Supplier, Broadwell sincerely hopes that Air Dome Stadium is a place for hopes and dreams. Our team will always be professional and scrupulous, we are dedicating to provide safer, more comfortable, high quality ‘exercise spaces for our customers.


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