Broadwell Quick Installed Greenhouse Tent

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Broadwell Quick Installed Plantation Tent House is created especially for indoor-planted High Value-Added Agricultural Products,it can be quickly installed and it is easy to relocate, which is a modular space for plantation.This tent is able to create an ideal environment for Plant to grow through accurate adjustment of the Internal Temperature, Light, Water, Air, Liquid and CO2,it is contributing to Greenhouse Agriculture, Verticle Farming industry.We are dedicating to provide an Innovative Solution Proposal for Land Resources Shortage and Sustainable Development of the Environment,Food Security. Verticle Farming Market.


Broadwell Quick Installed Plantation Tent House is perfect for 1.High Value-Added Vegetables ; 2.Cultivate Breeding ; 3.Sunshine Greenhouse;4.Plant Breeding and Cultivating;5.Hydroponic Planting;6.Oxygen Enriched Fruits and Vegetables.


Quick Installed Greenhouse Tent Is Convenient:


This product is easy to be relocated,Broadwell applies Quick-Installed Movable Technology patent, which can not only improve Farming Functions; It can also be set up on the ground of Gobi Area, Desert, Salinated Fields. It is crucial for Vertical Farming market, which will reduce the barriers of the agricultural resources in our country.It will only take 3 hours to complete installation.



Apply Highly Insulated Transparent Membrane Technology

Broadwell patent clearStrong®PVDF applied on Membrane Material, Light Transparency Rate is greater than 90%. UV light Insulation Rate for the membrane material reached 99% . This feature will make sure that plant will get enough of sunshine to grow and avoid the UV Light Injury.


It is also equipped with  High Efficient Clean Air System, using  Mobile EC Air Blowers ,Air Volume is greater 3500m³/h. It will make sure Air Exchange Frequency is greater than 10 times / hour, it is also equipped with filter system, which will provide fresh oxygen to farm crops , this system will guarantee the growth of plantation.


It adopts Modular Design,Standard Module size is 6m *9m *3m,Quickly Connected Module is designed for the middle part of the tent, this part can be freely extented to meet the demand of different land size.


The Layout of the Product

Standard Module: 6m*9m

Single Unit Tent for Plantation is made and assembled by 3 standard Module, which is 6m*9m*3 


Parameter Details;

Module Size :6*27*3

Construction Area: 162 ㎡

Net Weight of the Membrane Material: 260 kg

Net Weight of the framework structure: 240 kg

Appropriate Temperature to use: -40 ℃-70 ℃

Wind Load : 20 m/s

Snow Load: 0.4kN/㎡

Air Exchange Rate:10 Times / Hour

Wind Volume: 3500 m³/h 


Ventilation System Design is equipped with Insect-Proof  Screen


There are insect screens equipped on both side of the tent. When plant needs air to flow in, you can simply

 roll-up the curtain to let the air flow in. What ‘s good about the this product is saving energy for you .


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