Broadwell Quick Installed Tent Hotel, Exclusively Designed for Outdoor

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Luxury Travel Living Spaces, Exclusively Created for Outdoor Environment


Broadwell Quick Installed Tent Hotel Series are designed for Boutique Hotel , Outdoor Luxury Resort, Outdoor Camping, Culture and Tourism

Attractions. We have invented new technology which provides Fast-Grounding procedures, it is both delicate and durable; It is environmental friendly

which will provide you a immersive outdoor living space solution . Cozy living environment and natural view of the mountain scene, allowing you to

actually assimilate into the nature to enjoy the wonder experience of the nature.

Application Scenario 1

Hotel to View the Starry Sky

Application Scenario 2

Outdoor Camping Tent

Application Scenario 3

Featured Homestay Tent

Application Scenario 4

Attractions Located Tent

It is All Dimensions Transparent Starry Sky Tent , you are able to enjoy the night view and starry sky. It is a way of  freeing yourself from exhaustion

and enjoying the unfettered Natural Environment.


Sun Blocking Series Tent


Our Patent Transparent Membrane/ Opaque membrane sets design , you are able to totally free yourself between Mountains and Fields, where you

are able to enjoy a little private space for yourself.


System Components include  Skeletal System,Membrane System,  Access System, Anchoring System, Air -Conditioning System.

Our Patent Rapid Quick Installed Skeletal Structure system 

Premium Aluminum Alloy Skeletal Structure, it is able to be Installed within 2 hours.

Our Tent Hotel is able to resist Heavy Strong Winds up to level 9, withstanding 20 mm snow load on the Top of the membrane.

We have  Clearstrong ® Transparent Membrane patent , which has 93% Light Transmission Rate, the material is able to block 99% of UV Lights and

80% of Infrared Rays. 


Anti-Tearing Strength of the material reaches 2500 Newton/ 5 cm , it applies B1 Level Flame resistant material.


It can be easily packed up and carried; It does not take too much space, let you travel without pressure.

It is also  equipped with High Efficient Filtering system,suffient oxygen supply allow you to live at high altitude mountains.

Our Hotel Tents are perfect for various situations, High Density Material makes it to be water- proof and moisture proof , membrane material is also Dust-Proof.


Internal Partition Design, Internal Furnishing Matching. Satisfing your demand for Diversified Functional Spaces.





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