Broadwell ClearSunny House , Why it is so great ?

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Clearsunny House is the Medium for us to securely access to the nature and enjoy the sunshine , it is creating an unique Outdoor Space .


You may wonder,  What is this  Broadwell Clear Sunny House? It is a kind of Mobile Transparent Outdoor cabin that can be built quickly. The appearance is modern, simple , clean and elegant, and it is perfectly integrated with natural environment. It helps us to achieve intimate contact between Bedroom and Sunshine , it creates a dream warm outdoor living environment for you and your family.



ClearSunny House adopts Broadwells patented technology quick loading skeleton system and patented clearstrong high light transmission membrane material. The overall structure is independent and simple, it can be built quickly and also can be used as storage dome easily, it is perfect for courtyards, outdoor and other scenes.


The clearsunny house has excellent thermal insulation effect which can realize the function as Greenhouse. Even in winter, it is able to create a warm indoor environment for the family.

In each Clearsunny house, there are anchor system, HVAC system, Door System, Membrane System, Structure provides you the most comfortable space to stay.


If you want to quickly build up a space, Broadwell Sunny House will definitely be your choice,it owns unique patented technology, the use of high strength aluminum alloy skeleton, which is to provide a safe and stable strucuture that is able to complete set up within 2 hours.


The benefits of Transparent Membrane System are Transmittance Rate is 93% and it can still blocking 99% of UV Rays; It is able to work under extreme temperature : From -40 Degrees to 70 Degree Celsius; The Anti-Tearing Strength is greater than 2500 N / 5 cm; The material is really easy to maintain and is dust proof as well.


You may wonder what scenarios it fits the best ?  It can be used as Family Sunshine Room, it is also good for outdoor camping, Hotel Accommodation, Mobile Convenience store etc, I believe that there will be more scenarios applicable in the future.


If you need reasons to have a clear sunny house , Here are them:

                                                                                                   1.Quick Installation

                                                                                                   2.It does not take up space

        3.93% High Light Transmittance, sunshine, good scenery

        4.Filtering 99% ultraviiolet light, avoid sunburn

        5.High Efficiency Filtration system

        6.Waterproof and Moisture Proof

        7.Good Weather Resistance

        8.Withstand Strong Wind and snow

        9.It is cost effective

       10.Most Importantly, you do not need to report to the government for Approval


We provide services that will benefit you, such as free professional pre-sales consulting services, exquisite  logistics packaging, multiple protection.Standardized installation kits and installation guidance are also available, you are able to customize your own logo. Perfect after-sale services allows you to buy it without fear of troubles in the rear.


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