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Someone says that Airdomes are seasonal necessity, however, I think that this is not the case in Broadwellairdome. We provide an airdome that is customized for various occasions, such as Sports, Entertainment , Industrial scenario, Environmental Protection , Logistic Warehouse, and other fields that are waited to be explored. Our membrane is able to withstand the weight of accumulated snow. If we look at the entire industry, many airdomes’ companies do not even engineering their dome to withstand the weight of snow in the north, contending that the snow will slide of the dome. However, they ignore the fact that it is nearly flat on top of the dome, snow will gather in the center surface, huge pressure will be appointed to the center. If the membrane material is not strong enough,  eventually, membrane material can not withstand the pressure that comes from the snow, it will collapse. This is not the case for Broadwellairdome. Airdome structures usually have the smart monitoring environment, which is the reason why airdome structure is getting so popular these days, it provides much better environment especially for athletes. I will say that this kind of structure will enhance the performance of athletes and it will be the future trending. 


With Cable Harness System, the structure with much stronger stiffness and dome shape remains unchanged, even heavy snow loads laid on the top will not break the membrane. The structure could handle up to 2 inch H2O internal pressure, our unique anchoring system design stabilize membrane on the ground, this system will kind of “locked” up airdomes on the ground, therefore it will guarantee that airdomes will not be blown away  by the heavy wind and stay steadily .


Unique Patented Bias-Harness Cable Net System with aesthetic design, which is able to tolerate highp ressure coming from snow. This system covers the entire dome, distributing the forces equally and acting on the fabric of the dome evenly across the entire structure. Broadwellairdome uses the calculation software ‘EASY’ from Germany to design customers’ airdome accurately, it is the professional software that will make sure customers’ demand will be satisfied for perfect air dome design.


Before starting installation of an airdome, workers will need certain ‘education about how to install an airdome’.  They have to understand where anchoring system will go ; How to wired up harness system ?  There will be certain facilities to test the tightness of an airdome and workers need to learn how to use it first. This system will guarantee the security level of an airdome. 


Broadwellairdome has best ventilation system that purifies air, allowing customers to breath freely ; We have the fully intelligent controlled system that can strictly limit the moisture level and block most of hazardous UV Light. Blue Sky Air Purification System‘Blue Sky ‘ Air Purification technology, guarantee the fresh air within an airdome. 


Our airdome is also Environmental Friendly, no extra polluted particles generated during installation unlike traditional concrete buildings, almost zero construction wastes produced during installation, which is the perfect fit for sustainable development. 


It Can be quickly to put in use once it finishes installing, unlike traditional concrete buildings which concrete materials are so thick to guarantee the structure safety of a building, which reduces the internal available area, less spaces available for people to use, but this is not the case for an airdome structure, especially for Broadwellairdome. Large Span, more available spaces become the icon of an airdome. If you want to build a building, it will usually cost thousands of worker to work together, but for an airdome type of building, only fewer workers needed.


Unlike regular construction sites which produced significant amount of dust and harmful substances, construction sites have always been the place that many incidents happened, such as workers fall off from the shelter, crushed and hurt by heavy metal material. Well, all the incidents are able to be avoided when it comes to airdome structure installation, there are fewer workers needed to install an airdome,  no heavy metals involved, which will eliminate the possibilities to get hurt. Workers do not need to climb the ladder  or shelf during construction period because once membrane is laid down on the floor, the rest of the work will be relied on air pumps, it will continuously to pump air into airdome, no extra labor forces needed here, it will save bunch of money and is perfect for sustainable development. It is an ideal structure for the future generation. If airdomes will replace all the concrete constructions, energy can be reduced , the resources can be saved for future generation, eco friendly environment will available to you all. 





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