Project Period will be shortened for 60% : Understanding the benefits of the Fifth Generation of Broadwell Airdome

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Our Brand new Fifth Generation mixed Airdome has made the groundbreaking innovation in Design Concept and membrane material; Broadwell has also made innovative breakthrough in terms of Basic System, if we compare this airdome with the 3rd generation airdome stadium, the design for Fifth Generation airdome stadium is simple and practical , construction period is shorter , the cost to build is lower, for owners, it can be quickly grounded and generate profits.


Today, lets get to the benefits of the foundation system of our Fifth Generation Airdome Stadium, and the differences between an broadwellairdome and traditional airdome Gymnasium.


Traditional airdome stadium usually adopts Steel and Concrete Structure , what we usually call civil work , which need to report to the government for verification and proof. However , this kind of concrete structure is not our favorite structure, people tend to like flexible and convenient structure. For Practical Airdome Structure , we do not need to build a complicated foundation system. This foundation needs a lot of civil work on the ground during the construction process, the duration of ground work will usually take 30-60 days , the costs are relatively high.


Large Amount of Engineering Work, Long Working Period, costs are really high


The Fifth Generation Airdome EASY Series Foundation System

The Fifth Generation Airdome Stadium EASY Series foundation anchoring System, which is exactly as it sounds , it has simple design, fast installation, easy disassembled. The design concept originated from Military equipments for EASY series basic design which is based on assembling , each part is produced in the factory , it will be assembled and set up in the area, no need to build the base foundation, no need to build concrete foundation ,you are able to quickly set up on the original ground, it will totally meet the demand for designated purpose. The length of the total EASY project can be shortened to 30 days.



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