Broadwellairdome Annual Review of 2022

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Serving for 2022 Beijing winter Olympic Games . Broadwell Fast Installed Airdome Nucleic Acid Experiment Lab shown in Zhangjiakou Competition Arena.

In Feb 4th 2022, Beijing Winter Olympic kicked off.During Winter Olympic, both Broadwell Fast Installed Airdome Nucleic acid experiment lab and Testing Team of Huada Smart Engineering entered Zhangjiakou Competition Arena, which is to provide Nucleic Acid test services for Winter Olympic Game. The purpose is to provide safe environment for Olympic Games Athlete, our goal is to provide support for the competition and smooth progress , wonderful presentation of the event.

Broadwell entered Hongkong to help out Covid 19 pandemic


During the Night of Feb 18th, the first Fast Installed pressurized Nucleic Acid Airdome Lab Triumphant has been settled in Hongkong Huangzhukeng stadium and complete testing process, it has been immediately put into play, daily testing volume can reach 50,000 tubes. Later , Broadwell and multiple Medical Nucleic Acid testing Institutions collaborated product called  Huoyan  Hunter Airdome experiment labs have been placed into Nucleic Acid Testing process in multiple regions in Hongkong, which has been played an important role in controlling the pandemic in Hongkong.


New Breakthrough in Agriculture Greenhouse

Broadwell Transparent Airdome Greenhouse facilitate Rich Carbon Plantation

Transparent Greenhouse Airdomes which are based on Broadwell innovated technology 'ClearStrong' has been grounded in FuJian zhangzhou Happy Island. There is obvious benefits for Broadwell Innovated Transparent Airdome Greenhouse Technology to applied in Carbon Rich Agriculture Plantation: Natural Positive Pressure Environment, Airdomes are easy to realize Organic Plantation, Using high Transparency Membrane Technology, Sufficient Light, Good Thermal Insulation character, transparent membrane can be fast installed, economical cost, membrane material can be degraded, non-polluted materials released during construction, zero emission to agriculture land , it is best for our rural ecosystem construction.

Shanghai Pandemic, Mission Accomplished

60+ Broadwell Fast installed Airdome Nucleic acid experiment lab has been settled and put in use in Shanghai


In April Last Year  , the Shanghai Covid 19 Pandemic has been hitting hard on residents' life, people were joining to help out the pandemic team from different regions, over 60 Broadwells Fast Installed Airdome Experiment labs were set to use, to guarantee Massive Nucleic Acid testing in Shanghai, over 60 Broadwell Fast Installed Airdomes were put in use, our goal is to make sure that Nucleic Acid Testing run smoothly and helped Shanghai to prevent pandemic at its largest extend.


To Add support for Cold Chain Infrastructure 

Broadwells New Developed Product -Fast Installed Clean cooler is available to public officially

In recent Years, our country has been adding support for cold chain infrastructure , Broadwells Self-sterilization Broadcool is officially available to the public. It is different from traditional cooler, it is a green cooler with high quality cooling equipment, it adopts anti-bacteria membrane material, unique BCL solid Alkali sterilization technology, the cleanness of the internal environment and self sterilization function have brought cooling product to a brand new level, we can say that this technology has brought the cooling products to a new milestone for ‘Cold Storage Product.


Honorary Moment of Broadwell

Broadwell received Best Growing Company awards given by Green Construction Association. In June, Shenzhen Nanshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission formally awarded Broadwell 's ' Industry Qingfenggang '  Honorary Title. These rewards show the recognition for Broadwell for itsInnovated Products, Continuous Growth, it is also the recognition of the Great Power and Integrity of Broadwell, plus compliant operation.   


Broadwell has brought innovation to Airdome stadium


The Fifth generation of Broadwell airdome is officially available in the market

This year, Broadwell has released the Fifth generation of Hybrid Airdome stadium based on ClearStrong Series transparent membrane and high Insulated Membrane Material. The Fifth Generation Airdome adopts brand new design Nature Light. It is the first time to design sports venues according to the division of geographical temperature zones, the purpose is to provide warm and humidity balanced athletic environment. Besides upgrade in membrane material , Fifth Generation Airdome made a comprehensive upgrade in infrastructure, temperature control etc 6 perspective areas, the construction period is shorter, it is cost effective, to provide a better solution for improving the sports venues in China, which is recognized as   Dark House  for Airdome Stadium.


New Pattern to Fight Against the Pandemic


Soft Airdome+ Hard Airdome have provided a solution proposal for Pandemic.

On July, a pair of 4 capsule Hard Airdome Nucleic acid Experiment Lab grounded in Shandong Jinan city provided by Broadwell to  National Drug Corporation Shandong District, this set of Hard Airdome Nucleic Acid Experiment lab located in 800 square meter soft airdomes protective cabin, which brought complete new form of airdome Soft cover Airdome +Hard cover airdome, it can be quickly launched in a emergency situation and used as permanent experiment lab. This novel model is an innovation in the current evolving pandemic situation, which can be considered as fast grounded effective proposal to promote the adoption of Government pandemic prevention policy.

Further Expansion of the Overseas Market

Broadwell has started cooperation with Canada, USA,Korea, Greek, Middle East multiple countries.

This year, Broadwell has been expanded its overseas market. In June, Broadwell and Canada Tennis Association made a strategic Deal. In the next couple years , Broadwell will assist Canada Tennis Association to build Airdome tennis ball Gym in Multiple cities with its latest 5th generation of Broadwell airdome.In July, Korea Geseong Tennis Dome has been established; In Oct, multiple projects have successfully signed the contract with Broadwell Airdome; In December, Canada Kinston Airdome Basketball stadium, Greece Athens Airdome Basketball stadium has been settled , Israel Dead sea complex project. Qatar Doha Padel Project, Delivery of Taif Complex in Saudi Arabia completed.

Serving for State Athletic Meeting

16th of Ice Hockey Competition in GuangDong Province started in ice hockey club in Shenzhen Longgang, this is the first time for Contractor Ice hockey airdome to host such high standard degree competition.

Honorary Moment

Has been selected for National Exclusive special NewGiant enterprises. This year, Broadwell has been recognize Little Giant Firm. In nearly 20 years of development, Broadwell continues to set the inner driving force as innovated technology, Broadwell focuses on Professionalism, Refinement,  Specialization, Innovated Development Path, continuing to develop advanced innovated space system solution proposal . Allowing innovative technologies continue to create value for Sports, Industry, Medical, Agricultural, Military and other Industries.

Continuing to show up in International Competitions

Complete constructions in 15 days, Airdome stadium helps 2022 Chengdu Ping Pong competition to successfully start.


During the National Day holiday, an Airdome built by Broadwell was unveiled at the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships. The 1500-meter air-film training gymnasium was completed in only 15 days, setting a record for the construction speed of the air-dome gymnasium. Air dome stadiums are increasingly serving large-scale sports events. Their advantages of High Landing Efficiency, Good competition environment, Low energy consumption, Functional conversion,  Economic and Environmental protection can not only save preparation time for the event, but also continue to be used as venues with other functions after the game.

In 2022, Under the pandemic, Broadwell is going against the Trending, it has handed perfect Report .

In 2023, there are hopes and challenges ahead of Broadwell, Broadwell is about to head to a new journey, constant believes and the spirit to do something big.

Determination and doer are kinds of characteristic that Broadwell needs, in the upcoming year, we will continue to work hard and maximize our efforts.


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