Choosing the Right Material for Your Air Dome Structure

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Air dome is a building construction technique that is a unique and new addition to construction companies. Air dome structures are simple but slightly sophisticated in construction and material choice.

An air dome is a hollow structure assisted by air inside, which retains its structure and keeps it functional. Air dome structure construction is cost-effective for constructing consistent buildings without wasting concrete and other construction material.

Choosing the right material for air dome construction

Air dome structure construction requires the right material, which is selected by knowing the requirement of air dome construction and its design. Before selecting a good quality material, you should know about the material you will select.

The material used to construct the air dome

The air dome structure is constructed by using the following material.

  • Framework material of wood, tubes, or any other metal with the flexibility to bent
  • Ventilation source
  • Good quality fabric
  • PVC coating
  • Fiberglass

Material selection

While selecting the material for an air dome structure, the following features should be considered such as;

Consistency of frame structure and fabric

The most important thing to consider while choosing the material for an air dome structure construction is the longevity of the main materials: frame structure and fabric. The consistency of the material assures its quality and its life span.

The selection of material for the construction of the air dome depends upon the design of the building, too, because fabric and frame structure are designed accordingly.

If there is a demand for constructing air domes for a long time, the constructor should choose;

  • The fabric with maximum tensile strength so that it can withstand natural shocks
  • Fabric must resist damage from natural disasters.
  • The fabric should be flexible enough to remain stable in harsh environments.

Attractive appearance

The selection of material for air dome construction also depends upon the appearance of the building. The appearance, in turn, depends on the purpose of the dome structure, either designed for playing or event purposes.

The appearance of the dome structure is mostly simple from the outside because of the fabric and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating but made beautiful and attractive according to the purpose from the inside.

The best quality structural frame of aluminum or steel bar is used to give the dome a spherical shape, and the fabric of good quality and consistent nature is used to give the dome strength.

Transparency and color of coating material

Last but not least, the coating material used to protect the overall dome structure from natural disasters should be attractive to make the building appear beautiful and dominating.

However, the coating material should be heat and tear resistant but also translucent. The coating material should be applied to allow light to pass through it but resists water and other damages from natural shocks.

Hence the finishing material finally gives the dome a final appearance that must be quality assured, consistent, and well-ventilated, depending upon the selected material.

The appearance of an air dome structure depends upon the material selected for its construction and designed for various purposes. Get all the information you need related to air dome and their working from us.


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