How to Properly Maintain and Care for Your Air Dome

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An air-assisted dome-shaped building covered with multiple layers of fabric material along with a protective coating is named an air dome. The air dome is mainly constructed when there is a need for a proper building set up in a short time.

The air-assisted hollow structure needs proper care during and after construction to maintain its functionality and appearance. The construction material and design decide the air-supportive structure's maintenance and stability.

Maintenance and care of the air dome structure

The first thing that directly affects the maintenance of the air dome structure is the longevity and strength of the constructing material and then comes the maintenance practices.

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Longevity of the construction material

The construction material used to prepare the dome structure should be of good quality and strength so that the structure remains functional and stable for a long period. If the material is long-lasting, the maintenance time will also be longer, i.e., months and years instead of weeks.

Major maintenance practices related to construction materials are always in the gap of months and years depending upon the quality or longevity of the material.

Hence whenever you decide to construct an air dome structure select good quality material so that it could be easy in the future to maintain it.

Maintenance practices

Following maintenance practices should be adopted by the owners to keep the structure stable and functional for a long time.

Maintenance of the ventilation source

The air dome structure is dome-shaped because of the structural frame, but the hollow space that keeps it in blow form instead of inflating on earth is just because of ventilation or air provided by any air source.

Hence maintaining the air-providing source by cleaning its filters routinely, you can maintain the required air pressure inside the dome. Air pressure resists any external pressure and protects the building from any damage.

Routine maintenance of the blower and weekly maintenance of the overall pipeline that provide air to every part of the dome keep the structure stable and functional for a long time.

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Maintenance of the coloring of coating material

The finishing material contains attractive colors to give the air dome a beautiful appearance, so it needs maintenance because, with time, color fades.

  • Color maintenance keeps the whole structure as attractive as it was at the time of its construction.
  • Color fading will also fluctuate the coating material's consistency and reduce the material's heat-resistant ability, so it must be maintained.

However, coating materials must be maintained after years because of their good quality. Yearly due to climatic changes, it becomes important to maintain it.

Maintenance is necessary because the finishing material is purposed for the appearance and mainly for protecting the air dome from the harsh environment. Climatic changes may vary the structure of the finisher due to contraction or expansion.

Hence, restoring the structural fluctuations and the balance of the air dome maintenance is a significant action to be performed timely.

Hence air dome maintenance depends on various elements ranging from construction time to the longevity of the building.


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