Air Dome vs. Traditional Structures: Comparing Costs and Benefits

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Air dome structures are simple but slightly sophisticated in construction and material choice. Dome construction is cost-effective for constructing consistent buildings without wasting concrete and other materials.

However, traditional structures are framed and designed to arrange games such as sports. Traditional structures and air domes use similar fabric for construction and could also act as insulators to provide a controlled environment.

Air dome vs. traditional structures: All you need to know about

Following are the discriminating aspects that create major differences between these structures.

Air-supported vs. frame supported.

One of the major differences between both structures is of assistance and stability source. In an air dome structure, as the name shows, air supports the whole dome-shaped building to withstand it on the earth.

However, the traditional structures are framed instead of air-filled, so they are supported by column beams of various materials such as wood, concrete, and many others. Traditional structures are no doubt consistent but not resistive as air-supported structures are.

Environment-friendly vs. pollution-causing construction

Another difference is construction as air dome construction is not noisy and pollution causing because there is no use of sand and bricks; hence no concrete carrying and preparing machinery, so it is eco-friendly. Air dome construction is not an energy and labor-intensive process.

However, in the case of traditional structures construction, there is a noisy and polluted environment with large numbers of laborers. Hence traditional structure preparation is a labor and energy-intensive process.

Short vs. long construction time

The air dome is constructed quickly because the construction process is almost performed in a manufacturing unit and is installed as it is with the labor of one to two days on the site. Construction does not require a different map every time, so constructed simply in a short time.

However, traditional structures take longer to construct because they need map approval first, and all working procedures are performed at the installation site. Traditional structures are tricky to construct.

Natural shock resistance vs. non-resistance

The air dome structure is constructed using tensile fabric and resistive finishing material to resist natural shocks or disasters and keep it stable in harsh environments. The material is not so heavy; the overall structure is lightweight, with a broader space inside.

This way, the air dome is more feasible for sports and other gaming purposes to avoid unexpected climatic changes.

However, traditional structures are constructed by supporting them with heavy frames of column beams of steel or other materials. Framed structures are consistent and stable but do not resist harsh environments, especially natural shocks.

Economic vs. costly structures

Air dome construction is wholly an economic project because the cost has no direct relationship with the structure's design, space, and height. Air dome structures already provide larger space under the dome; for increasing height, little more air would be required.

However, in the case of traditional structures with the increasing demand for height and space, the frame will be constructed accordingly, increasing the overall cost.

Constructing traditional buildings requires two to three times more costly than air dome structures. You can know all the insights from our experts any time.


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