Technology assists Agriculture Field, Broadwell’s Quick-Installed Clean Mobile Cooler-Broadcool is grounded in YUNNAN.

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Yunnan is where the premium Blueberry located in China, there are thousands of Blueberry plantation corporations gathering in Yunnan. As one of the Premium Fruit Products, the additional value of Blueberry is huge, economic return is appreciable. However, due to difficulty in storage, it has strict requirement for cold-chain industry.

Recently, in Qiubei County of Wenshan Yunnan Province, YUNNAN  Ten Mile Berry GardenAgricultural development inc. launched a new set of cooling equipment to further improve the quality of Blueberry in order to increase the profits from  plantation.

This new type of Cooling equipment is the  First One Mile  that is directly matching cold chain in Broadwell, which released Broadcools Fast Installed clean Mobile Cooling Equipment. This is the First Grounded Project of Broadcool in Yunnan Province.   

According to the Director of Ten Mile Garden , the company got rid of a set of traditional Boarding cooling warehouse before the company uses these new types of cooling facilities. Boarding cooling warehouse is fixated warehouse, its volume and temperature control can not meet the requirement. Now, Broadcool that we just launched has perfectly resolved these two issues . Required temperature to store Blueberry is usually between 3-5 degrees. Broadcool is able to cool rapidly within 20 minutes to reach required temperature and the unique initiative sterilizing technology ( Broadwell BlueSky Sterilizing technology) is able to kill the bacteria and virus that are existed in the air , which is to provide us a  Clean sterile cooling environment, to lower deteriorating rate, to extend fresh keeping period,therefore it will improve the quality of Fruits.

Ten Mile Berry Garden Development INC. Is the holding subsidiary of Shenzhen Guangzhu Agricultural Group Co . LTD. It has 1100 Acres Digital Blueberry Industrial Park in Qiubei County of Yunnan. The Blueberry planted through Aggregated culture at here, they applied technology to adjust the quality and quantity of Blueberry. Application of New Type of Cooling Plant for this time is to improve the technology inclusiveness for Blueberry Plantation

Now, it is time for early mature Blueberry to be available in the market, 5 Broadcools are running 24 hours a day in the Qiubei Warehouse Ten Mile Berry Garden to meet the production demand.

Unlike Traditional standard cooling warehouses, Broadcool looks like a tent from outside, main structure adopts broadwell patent Fast installed Metal Bone and constructed in High performance Membrane material, flexible structure if we look from the outside and it is complicated inside.

5 Cooling plants are designed according to covering area of 96 square meters for single warehouse, 2 meters in the front is saved for buffering and transferring spaces, which is for workers  preparation before entering the warehouse. 5 Warehouses are Pre-cooling Warehouse (usually 3-5 Celsius Degrees) , 1 Cooling Warehouse( 3-5 Celsius Degrees) and 3 Manufacture warehouse( 12 Degree Celsius) . Blueberry will enter manufacturing warehouse first after taking from the Fruit Garden, then start sorting, weighting and packaging etc , then they will be sent to Pre-cooling warehouse. Finally, they will enter cooling warehouse for storage.

In terms of energy consumption, Broadcool has the unique benefit, the high performance membrane it adopted is gas tightness, Good in thermal insulation, which can effectively reduce leaking of cooling air, therefore it is able save energy. Besides, Broadcool is humanized managed and operated, There is testing equipment equipped in Transition room, which is used for testing the degree of CO2 within the testing warehouse, that is also for monitoring temperature and moisture. It is able to be adjusted according to external environment.This time, 5 Cooling warehouses adopted convenient packing car transferring, it will complete construction within 2 days after arriving in Yunnan and then it will be put in use.. It is time efficient.

Broadwell Fast installed Clean Mobile Cooler is targeting the painspot of Cold chain  First One Mile ", it has released new type of Mobile Cooling warehouse solution proposal, to provide include Pre-cooling, cooling and manufacturing one- stop services for cold chain storage, which can be widely applied to high addtional value food, Vegetables and flowers, fresh food to satisfy their cooling demand.

Cold Chain Logistic is our important development project in our Fourteenth  Five Proposal, which is about revitalization of countryside and livelihood economy. In the future, Broadwell will continuously to focus on Mobile cooling warehouse field, which is to quickly promote fast installed clean mobile cooling warehouse to more regions, and better grounded the project to help in agriculture with innovated technology, to contribute in our Agricultural Career.


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