Broadwell Air Dome Boosts the Business Development of Fortune 500 Companies

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Recently, Employees’ Air Dome Training Center of JiangXi Wire Cable has been grounded in the region, the sign of a successful collaboration between Broadwell & Fortune 500 company. Broadwell Air Dome has shown the technical benefits and high quality services to our customers. Broadwell created a brand new and modernize standardized exercise space for employees.


Is it possible to control the internal moisture and temperature at the same time? It is possible in Broadwell Air Dome. Our Patent 'R-Plus ' Isolate Heat. Thermal Insulation Technology, which is able to effectively reduce energy  consumption, helping corporation to save energy and reduce emission. It provides a new technical reference for the energy saving and emission reduction requirements of the project production electricity of the group's production companies. 


The entire project takes only 3 month to complete, installation processes only take 15 days to complete , high efficient work process has gone beyond the expectation. Broadwell saves 30% costs for customers. 


Professional Broadwell Team has shown our work ethic during the process . We have taken each step seriously from 'Project Design to Completion of the project'. The collaboration with these companies has helped Broadwell win the recognition for Broadwell Air Dome and guaranteed partnership in the future. 



Everytime when Broadwell Collaborated with Fortune 500 company, Broadwell has strictly followed the work ethic and satisfy different demands from our users. In the future, we will discover in-depth customers needs and provide the best service to meet our customers demand.


The goal of Broadwell is to create the most valuable man-made space. We believe that Broadwell can provide the best service experiences for various corporations around the world through our efforts and innovation. We will build an activity sealed space with advanced technology and this structure is ecological friendly. Broadwell's Goal is to create prominent service experiences and most valuable man-made spaces for all of our customers. 



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