Sports Competitions Are Entering Various Sites

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The new product of Broadwell is the spotlight in Sports Competition Entering Tourist Attraction,Entering Street Areas, Entering Business Complex,Entering Street Area' theme activity.As the iconic Demonstration Unit, Broadwell participated in this event with our Standard Sports Air Dome  stadium solution. 'The Deputy Director-General of National Sports General Administration and Members of National Sports General Administration' came to visit.  


The Goal of this activity is to transform sports competition from traditional stadium to flexible scenarios such as Tourist Attraction, Block Street, Business Complex diversified scenarios to stimulate consumption and promote the construction & improvement of related sports facilities. The goal is how do we come up with the plan to build the ideal sports arena and facilities for our athletes? How do we build the perfect sports arena seems to be the industry focus point? Having this background, Broadwells Standard Air Dome  sports stadium series have reflected its unique benefits.


Recently, Broadwell has made historical achievements in terms of developing standardized sports stadium products. We have released standardized Air Dome Stadiums products, standardized skeleton structure sports stadium, which is designed exclusively for Basketball,Tennis, Badminton, Swimming Trending sports etc. We have applied our patent technology Easy Series Ground Anchoring system, which is able to be quickly grounded on solid ground, soft land area or rooftop, which is perfect for touring sites, business complex, gardening scenarios. This Air Dome  structure can be installed in a really short amount of time, it will only take 1-2 days, and this structure is environmental friendly, no noisy sound, no pollution produced.  


We have applied multiple Patented Technologies , such as Clearstrong transparent membrane material, distributive hot/cold Air Conditioning System. There is sufficient lights, sports arena with stable temperature.


Our Air Dome  Sports stadium can be relocated without any damage, scenario can be flexibly switched, which will minimize the costs . This structure is able to withstand heavy strong wind, it makes sure the security of outdoor usage.


Broadwell Standardized Air Dome  stadium series are convenient, environmental friendly, it can be reused multiple times. This structure is the strong support for diversified sports scenarios. Air Dome  structure provides new environment to exercise without land area restriction .This structure offers a new way to exercise, we believe that Air Dome structure will be energy efficient, which will bring more values to our lives and we are going to enter new era of sustainable development.



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