Energy Consumption of the Air Domes

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Many people have concerns about energy consumption of Air Dome structures, are these structures consumed less energy? The membrane material of Air Dome structure uses Polyester Fiber Material, coating usually applies PVC and PTFE. This material has Higher Tensile Strength and entire structure is Flexible.


The coating of Air Dome is UV Light Proof, it has higher Heat Dissipation Rate and thermal reflectivity. According to official data, the Thermal Resistance value R equals to 2, R value of the ordinary cement wall is 0.2 and Thermal Resistance performance of Air Dome is higher than ordinary concrete building. In summer, this structure can effectively isolate the heat from sunlight and in winter, it can effectively prevent cold air from entering and exchanging heat with the outside world.  


Air Dome structure can be customized according to users’ demand, you can install Air Conditioning System or Distributive Condition system according to actual needs, the Air Dome structure is smartly controlled by intelligent system, it can be controlled manually or can be remotely controlled from Far Distance, temperature can be flexibly adjusted to lower the operation costs.


If we compare Air Domes with traditional Concrete Structures, electricity consumption is approximately 10% -25% of the traditional concrete structure, total can save energy up to 75%. The Operation Costs are 1/30 of regular structures or 1/100.


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