Is the Air Dome Warehouse Better than the Steel Structure?

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Buildings with different types of uses have diverse requirements, and despite the reality, that dome buildings are not exactly new, they are still quite surprising and intriguing.

Air domes are exceedingly adaptable, whether they are a single sphere in the mid of an open area or a dome wedged into the center of a city.

Due to the sheer simplicity of the design, getting a dome into some places is much easier than building anything out of bricks or steel.

As a result, if you need to buy air domes, make sure it comes from a reputable manufacturer.

The use of air-supporting domes

Air dome storage facilities or warehouses can be constructed in any size and their construction is usually completed in a matter of weeks.

Your current storage space will be free of pillars or other supporting elements that could interfere with your logistical needs, such as technology movement or storing large items, and will also include a pressure-chamber entry for trucks.

During the cold seasons, your premises will be dry and heated, ready to store perishable items and also other products such as building materials, electronic devices, or medical drugs, to name a few.

Consequently, the air dome warehouse can be said to be quite better than steel pre-engineered structures.

Benefits of air domes over steel structures

Extremely cost-effective

When compared to standard steel prefabricated structures, air domes can save you up to 70% of your costs.

Complete structure

The Air dome comes as an entire structure, including doors, anchoring, pressure chambers for truck entry, ventilation, heating, and lighting.

There are no pillars

It is supported by air, which means that no supporting structures or pillars will obstruct your storing and moving solutions.

Link to an existing structure

You can attach an inflatable structure to an already existing air dome structure, either by building next to them, on the roof and so on.


You can uninstall and relocate your air dome at any time.

No foundation is required

This technology allows for construction on any flat surface, even without a strong foundation. Depending on the local conditions, the dome could be constructed directly on the ground or in concrete.

Use of cranes

Due to the no-pillar and high ceilings construction as compared to the steel structures, cranes or other related systems can be used in air domes.

High ceilings

The Air dome has a high ceiling of up to 25m which allows the stocking of pallets and containers, as well as the utilization of vertical or lateral storage systems.

Heating is provided

You don't have to be concerned if your products are delicate to freezing or colder temperatures because air domes are equipped with effective heating systems that run on heating oil, gas, pellets, or another heating medium.

Contact us for high-quality air domes

The air dome is a type of building that is significantly less expensive than conventional steel prefabricated structures.

We can design, manufacture, and install air domes based on your specifications. Please contact us for air dome pricing and production information.


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