The Advantages of Using Air Domes for Industrial Warehousing

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Air dome is a big industrial environmental safety building system utilized in industrial applications, and it has a sizable industrial market share.

It focuses on economic sustainability and employs gas membrane technology that provides efficient and effective huge construction solutions for a variety of industries, allowing a greener and healthier environment.

Air dome uses patented technology that ensures its stability, energy efficiency, and safety, thereby assisting industrial sectors in improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and promoting low-carbon economic growth.

Therefore, if you need to purchase an air dome, ensure it is from a reliable manufacturer.

Advantages of air domes for industrial warehousing

1. Rapid construction

The structure or design of the gas film is processed and manufactured in the production plant, and installation on the location can be done in a matter of days.

On the construction site, there is no noise, dust, or construction waste, making it an adaptable combination.

2. Intelligent system

Real-time monitoring data with a complete intelligent control system.

3. Energy-efficiency and longevity

High dimensional stability; the mesh steel system can resist a typhoon at 70meters per seconds and snow at 250kg per square meters. With its strong structural design, it has a long life span of 25-35 years.

4. Insulation and energy conservation

The air-bearing structure's outer cover is made of a single material, irrespective of the roof or outer wall.

Single and double-layer membranes, and internal insulation layers, among other things, can be used for peripheral protection. It can be designed to suit a variety of purposes.

The air-bearing structure saves more energy than ordinary buildings due to its high reflectivity, lightweight insulation material, and fully sealed structure.

5. Self-cleaning capability

Rainwater will gather into water droplets on the surface of the PVC material, and the membrane surface will be naturally cleaned.

6. Cost-cutting measures

The basic costs are minimized by more than 70% whereas, the steel structure costs are reduced by more than 50%.

7. Fire-resistance performance

The commonly used materials can conform to the requirements for fireproofing with high temperature and flame resistance.

Characteristics of Air domes

Air dome for industrial warehousing is widely used in raw material storage in the coalification, power, steel, and petroleum industries. It has demonstrated significant characteristics such as:

1. High construction efficiency and straightforward approval

Due to the temporary nature of the construction, approval procedures are fast and simple.

80% of the project volume is completed in the factory, and there is no construction output or waste during the manufacturing process.

2. Acoustic quality

Air dome has a low-frequency range below 60hz, and the general surface and structure are almost transparent.

3. Quick construction

Construction is prefabricated and zero-pollution; installation takes only a few days.

4. Large span space with no beam or column

The span can reach 180 meters while the space utilization rate can exceed 90%. Sports, entertainment, display, and other functional needs can be met, as well as applications in coal bunkers and sewage treatment.

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