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Level Up Your Next Walk

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Regular Exercise Breathing is Extremely Important


“The first step is for people to really just be aware of their breath. Just by doing that, you’re going to get a relaxation response. And by being aware of your breath, it will naturally start to slow down.”


Next, considering the connection of your movement with your breath.


“Keeping a regular breath pattern — breathing in, hold it a little bit, then breathe out. And eventually you start timing that to your steps,” he said.


Connecting your movements with your breath starts to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system that’s working to get away from a fight or flight response. Once you have that down, you can move to becoming more aware of what’s around you.


There are two different kinds of Breathing: Mouth Breathing VS Nose Breathing


Beginners can start with a simple walk at a pace that letting them keep nasal breathing, suggests Patrick McKeown, an international expert on breathing and sleep and author of The Oxygen Advantage.


McKeown advocates for the ‘Nasal Breathing Technique’ (Inhaling and Exhaling through your nose) ,since it involves greater recruitment of the diaphragm than mouth breathing and has the advantage of providing added stability to the spine.


Let your nose set the pace for the degree of breathlessness during exercise that you feel comfortable with.


While the initial air hunger with nasal breathing during exercise is stronger than with mouth breathing, in a few short weeks, it should be easier to sustain nasal breathing.


Breathing in through nose helps you clean your breath; Our nose is kind of performing like filtering system, Nasal Breathing can protect airways by moistening, warming and filtering incoming air and might also be better for calming down bodys sympathetic nervous system.


Our body is extremely fragile during exercise, it is the result of quick Metabolism Process System.


Incorporating breath work with walking can also increase the function of your breathing muscles so they will not get tired quickly.



If you are exercising really hard for a long period of time, your muscles can get tired and start to steal blood from your legs while you are walking. This moment, your bodys immune system will be attacked easily. Therefore, the right place that provides stable temperature, moisture, wind speed is pivotal for athletes, this type of environment can protect you from getting hurt.



Breathing process should be very safe, Playing in Broadwell Air Dome is the perfect choice to prevent inhaling hazardous particles, it equipped with great Bluesky filtering system that is able to block dust and polluted air. Broadwell membrane is also able to tolerate extreme weather such as heavy storm and heavy rain, even strong typhoon(Broadwell Air Dome survived under one of the strongest typhoon in the city).It provides you a place with constant temperature regardless Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter seasons. Broadwell control system uses Decentralized Controlled Technology, which will lower the risks of malfunction of centralized control system, this system improves the reliability. Meanwhile, our Air Dome is able to reduce energy consumption by 50 % or above. Our cable harness system ensures the stability of our structure.  Our membrane has High SR, IE Index Number Diffuse Reflection Light Transmission,low frequency voice that is lower than 60 hz is able to completely penetrate through membrane material. It also has Great Flame Resistence and Heat Tolerance Performance, which have satisfied multi countriesstandards such as China, European Allies and Japan etc.



Appropriate way to breath can reduce your stress level and blood pressure, there are no real side effects or downsides to breath work.



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