Nearly Zero-Consumption- Broadwell Low Carbon-Emission Exhibition Center has won the Recognition

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Shenzhen Low Carbon Emission Exhibition Center which built by Broadwell Air Dome has won the first place during ‘Innovative Green Structure Project of the year Competition. Meanwhile , this project was rewarded with the title of ‘ Nearly Zero-Consumption, Zero-Energy Consumption Structure’.



This Low Carbon-Emission Exhibition Center is an example of aligning with Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality goals’. It is considered the iconic project in Shenzhen, which is a great example of Green Development Concept in China.


Broadwell has developed an Air Dome Structure with unique structure shape , maximizing the usage of spaces. This structure reflects the concept and benefits of Green Structure. It is a great example of Combination of Green Technology and Low Carbon Emission Structure.


A Remote Smart Controlled system was installed in the low-carbon-emission center. This system is able to remotely monitor and adjust the inner air pressure,moisture level ,temperature to securely operate the Air Dome structure, which has significantly improved the security level of Air Dome.



During Installation Process, all Air Dome components were pre-made in the factory, then they will be shipped to the installation site to complete installation process. Therefore there will be zero carbon emission during installation since all the production processes completed within the factory.


The uniqueness of this structure is that it is purely supported by air, producing lower wastes, no damage to the ground as well. This type of Air Dome structure is great for heat retention and lower energy consumption, it is fully complying with the goal of sustainable development.



The purpose of Broadwell Air Dome is to create the most valuable man-made spaces equipped with high -tech smart control system. We dedicate to promote the development of Green Exhibition Center. Broadwell will continuously to innovate technical aspects of Air Dome structure and apply to more scenarios that will benefit all of us, Broadwell dedicates to contribute to the development of Green low-carbon emission structure.


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