Broadwell Air Dome is Strong Enough to 'Defeat' Strong Typhoon

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Many people have concerns about the stability of this soft structure- Air Dome, unlike concrete structure , Broadwell Air Dome is equipped with anchoring system, which purpose is to guarantee the stability of this Air Inflated Structure. Air Dome Type of structure does not need to lay the foundation on the ground and can still be solid enough to embrace extreme weathers such as typhoon in tropical regions .

We should be paying special attention to Air Dome structure in the Southern Region . Tropical Cyclone will leave an huge impacts in the Tropical Areas, such as forming typhoon, which usually accompanied by heavy wind and rain, heavy storm and rain will usually swipe across the entire city and cause damages to the building such as windows are falling on the ground from the top and cause massive injuries. The damage from severe weathers (such as Typhoons and Storms etc) can cause seismic secondary disasters such as Hard Bricks falling on peoples head and cause injury type of injury;

Heavy storm uprooted electric wires and can cause big fires. The power of the storm is unprecedented, therefore the durability of Air Dome structure is critical. Broadwell Air Dome structures are still in good shape after hit by strong typhoon. This Air Inflated structure is 'standing still' after typhoon swipe across the main body of the air dome . These Air Domes are still working properly after severe typhoon weather. (The picture below).

Soft Structure is not Weak

From our memory and general stereotype, Air Dome is a type of what we call the soft structure, it is purely supported by air, therefore the acting point of force is unlike regular structure. This type of structure have curve shape and smooth surface, lower resistance force; When external forces increase, internal pressure will be increased to improve rigidity level of the structure. It will be better than traditional concrete structure because it is flexible and adapt to change during unexpected weather, especially equipped with cable harness system, the Air Dome structure is being reinforced.

Asati Badminton Air Dome built by Broadwell Air Dome

Broadwell Patented Technology

Broadwell Core Technology of the Third Generation Air Dome is leading the industry. From the First Granary Air Dome Warehouse to the First Ice Hockey Air Dome , Broadwell has been continuously tried to enter new fields to explore more potential opportunities for Air Domes . Cable Harness system ensures the durability of the structure. This system can effectively distribute the heavy load due to increase internal forces, ensuring Air Dome structure can withstand heavy strong wind. Broadwell has an Air Dome manufacturer in Yancheng, Annual Production capacity reaches 1million square meters.

Air Dome industry is currently under High-Speed Development Era, regardless of sports industry or other types of industries which look for emission reduction, they are all transforming to environmental friendly pattern. Under the current fast development era. In the future, Air Dome structure will be significant part in our daily life.


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