Oxygen Bar- A Life saver at the Altitude of 5300 Meters

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Scientist has given the definition of A restricted area for life at the altitude of 4500 meters, they think that humans are not able to survive in the long term if we go beyond this altitude. However, the advancement of the current technology and intelligent have made a breakthrough in terms of possibility to survive.

In Maizhokunggar County, Lhasa , altitude of mining zone reaches 5398 meters, oxygen level is 40-60 % lower than the plain areas . Under extreme environment condition, it feels like carrying 20 KG work loads even if you just standing there. However, there was a gift from the natural environment, abundant mineral resources has facilitate the speed of economic development. How do we make sure to maintain coexistence of natural green atmosphere and economic construction? Broadwell comes up with a solution- Air Dome Ecological Green Structure.

Currently, Air Domes installation for living in Maizhokunggar County are in process, there are two types of Ecological Air Dome stadiums installed with Oxygenation System.

Air Dome inflated structure is a sealed structure with positive pressure inside , which is able to simulated a low altitude environment'. This structure is able to provide sufficient oxygen to people .

As the subsidiary of Zijin Mining Group Company ,Tibet Julong Copper Corporation does not only have abundant Copper Mineral Resources , but also dedicated to provide a secure & healthy environment to the employees. This Air Dome stadium indicated the grounding of ESG system building, most importantly, it provides valuable experiences and a reminder for life protection under the extreme conditions worldwide.

When facing extreme conditions in Higher Altitude, Air Dome structures have the obvious benefits.

To create ideal Oxygen SufficientEnvironment through meticulous design, it will only take 2-3 hours to improve oxygen level to 23%. At the same time, Air Dome is able to simulate high altitude environment through pressure boosting technology, oxygen supply volume reaches no less than 80 cubic meters( Oxygen Purity Level reaches 93%), therefore it is able to simulate an environment with altitude that is lowered for 800 to 1000 meters which is like staying at the altitude of 2900 meters high.

Besides , Broadwell Air Dome has equipped with patented technology 'Remote Control system', which is to proceed real-time remote monitoring for Wind Speed, Pressure differences , Temperature and Moisture Level. This system is able to maintain the temperature between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, to create a perfect space for people to stay.

Multiple Patented Technologies, saving energy and ensuring the security at extreme conditions. Broadwell patented technology - ADA-Compliant Personnel Air Lock and Air Lock Doors Controlled methods, Cold-Bridge-Free membrane manufacturing technology , which will improve the Air Tightness degree and Thermal Insulated Feature. This technology will make sure that Air Dome will be energy efficient even costs are the same. Cable Harness System allows Air Dome structure to withstand up to 250 KG Snow Load on top of membrane, which makes sure the security of Air Dome under high altitude region.

This project has been building continuously for quite a while. Broadwell has come up with the technological solution to overcome difficulties during installation to make sure smooth operation under extreme atmosphere conditions. We will make sure that project will be completed as scheduled. This structure will be the new landmark within the region.


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