New Landmark In Israel: DOME EXPO DEAD SEA

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A new landmark on the land of Dead Sea - DOME EXPO DEAD SEA grounded in Dead Sea Region. This structure is equipped advanced technology and what we called unique  Composite Membrane, The outer part of Air Dome structure is made of Dual membrane layer+ Thermal Insulated material+ Cable Harness system. Inside of this Air Dome structure, single layer projection membrane Screen covered the inner side of Air Dome Structure. Therefore, this membrane material is available for projection to provide an immersive experience to audiences. It is used to host various types of activities, meetings and music festivals.

Weight of the Membrane is not heavy at all on this structure, it only weighs 2 KG. As a result, there is no need to build complicated base foundation for this structure, benefits like: Small Workload, Short Duration Period. It is perfect for soft base region such as Dead Sea Region. Meanwhile, construction progress is environmental friendly, causing almost no ground damage, which protected ecological environment surround Dead Sea region.


This project is equipped with Broadwell patent’ Steel Cable Harness System, which complies with the construction standard of “Permanent Structure’ in North America. This system reinforces the strength of the structure that allows air dome structure to embrace extreme weather and extends the lifespan of the structure.


As an iconic structure of the Dead Sea Region, DOME EXPO DEAD SEA has embraced complicated climates in Mediterranean. Broadwell ‘s patent ‘ Air Purification technology and Smart Temperature Control system create a ‘Constant Temperature Environment of the All Year’. Regardless of Music Festivals in summer or Social Activities in winter, Broadwell Air Dome is able to fit in different types of scenarios.


Besides that, Air Dome structure does not have beam and column to support the structure, this structure purely supported by air, which has provided flexibility and wider spaces to ‘welcome’ various types of activities. This structure is able to host various activities at the same time. You are able to decorate in any style you want.

Chinese Infrastructure is known as the pioneer for Air Dome Space Technology. Broadwell has entered  Overseas’ Market; Our structure satisfies different customers’ needs and provides a high efficient, environmental friendly and sustainable environment solution to people in need,Broadwell Air Dome has already been grounded in many different regions worldwide.



DOME EXPO DEAD SEA is a classical example of deep ‘Rooting’ in Middle East Market, which is also an indication of Artificial Intelligent Level in China. Therefore, we can predict that this structure will be used as brand new cultural Heritage Center in Israel, which will be attracting many tourists and artists from neighbor country, it will continuously bring positive impacts on Tourism and Economy Development in Israel.





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