Public Service System for Sports and Fitness Named “Demon” Built by Broadwell.

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The Total Area of Air Dome stadium is about 6184.8 square meter, which consists of Children's Playground and Swimming Pool to offer visitors in the way of entertainment. It becomes one of the important landmarks within Nanyang City .


This structure adopts Double layer fabric+ Steel Cable Stress Control Bias Harness System structure design (Broadwell’s Independently Developed Patent), which also has the advantage of equipping with ventilation system, energy saving capability, appropriate temperature as well as safety stability--which was designed to embrace extremely heavy snowstorms. Duration for construction will only take 50 days. This structure will produce Low-Carbon Emission and lower noise during the construction process, providing eco-friendly environment to the public. Both venues are equipped with Broadwell's patented--’Blue-Sky’ filtering system, Dual Layer Protective Technology with “outer Isolation and Inner Filtering”, will achieve the purpose of isolating 99% of the haze. It helps temperature and humidity control, while keeps year round constant temperature, to provide a sports space with fresh and constant temperature for teenagers.

As “Iconic Demon IP”Project, this Fitness Park incorporates Sports, Entertainment and Education Function 3 perspectives. Children's playground Air Dome are 96.49 meter long, 44.6 meters wide and total area of 3512.25 square meter respectively.There are Children’s Fitness Training Center, Children's Sports Training Area, internet celebrities entertainment zone as well as children’s dream Castle Theme park within this Fitness Park. Features include Innovative Design, Colorful Design , plus a fully functional Stadium. Diversified Functional Areas are designed for Sensory system development, Exercise Empowerment, Recreational Activities for Toddlers, Childrens,Teenagers and Adults .

The length, width and building area of the swimming pool inside of air dome are  75.49 meter, 37.7 meter and 2672.55 square meter respectively. It meets three national standards: The national standard swimming pool (50m×25m), The national standard constant temperature (water temperature is 26°C-28°C all year round) and the national standard water quality.


Broadwell is not only committed to general public for better convenient leisure services, but also dedicated to promote the development of sports in various regions.



This project is the ‘Second time partnership’  for Broadwell to cooperate with Olympic World Champion Yaping Deng, We both hope to promote & pursue a healthy lifestyle concept in China. Broadwell hopes to raise people’s awareness of excitements & Benefits that sport will bring.


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