Tips for Maintaining and Repairing Your Inflatable Sports Dome

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An inflatable sports dome is better than fixed structures and open spaces. There are not many requirements for these domes, but one very important requirement is careful usage and maintenance. If you want to switch to air domes, this is your complete guide to maintaining and repairing yours.

Tips for Maintaining and Repairing Your Inflatable Sports Dome

Here are the top 6 tips for maintaining and repairing your inflatable sports dome.

1. Make sure that the dome surface does not contact specific materials and objects.

The first maintenance and precautionary measure you need to take is to ensure that the dome does not contact specific materials or objects. When you buy one, you will get respective instructions for the dome material. So, be careful with the restricted objects near the air dome for better longevity.

2. Remove and pack when not in use for longevity.

If you want to maintain your air domes for a long time, you must remove and pack them when unused. It is because, in some cases, these domes are only used for a short time and are deployed where environmental factors can damage them. So, to maintain them well and enjoy longevity from your inflatable sports dome, you must pack them when it is not in use for a long time.

3. Protect from harsh weather conditions.

The part about packing and storing is also about protecting them from harsh weather conditions. In the case of snow, storm, or other weather disasters, you need to protect the dome. These are not built to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

4. Always manage power backup for your air dome.

The air dome stays filled with air, requiring a constant power supply. If you suspect facing a power breakdown, it will be a better option to manage power backup for the air dome. The type of backup does not matter since you are only looking to keep the dome filled with air and keep it standing.

5. If you ever have to repair it, call the professionals for the best results

Sometimes an issue happens with the air dome, and people try to repair it themselves. In reality, they only end up damaging it more. No matter how simple the job may seem, it is always better to call professionals to repair your inflatable sports dome.

6. Once repaired, be very careful about the usage.

You generally need to be careful with the air dome. However, when you get it repaired, you need to be more careful since you will be significantly impacting its longevity. From packing it when not in use to protecting it from specific objects, be careful; your air dome will last for years.

Contact professionals to learn everything about maintaining and repairing your inflatable sports dome.

An inflatable sports dome does bring several benefits for a variety of applications. However, many people fail to have a great experience with these due to their negligence. So, if you want to learn about the maintenance and repair of these air domes, our professionals are always available for your assistance.


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