Quick Installation and Maximum Efficiency For Grounding, Airdome Stadium allows Sports Competition to be Hosted Easier

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In ChengDu Pingpong Competition last year, Chinese Team has won the world champion ,we have achieved this extraordinary results. Besides the competition, the stadium service has also satisfied the demand this time.

For Game Arena, Broadwellairdome only took 15 days to complete installation processes and was available to the public right after installation, it had improved the efficiency of the Game; It is essential for sports competition, Broadwell Air Dome Stadium has received credits from athletes around the world, they all enjoy playing inside of the Airdome.

Airdome Stadium is the surprise winner in Modern Sports Stadium Construction, thanks to the Low costs, Easy Installation, No climate restriction feature' of airdomes. Airdome satisfied peoples demand towards Medium and Small size Sports Stadium. There has been built thousands of Airdome Stadiums around the country, which has become one of the classic example of Sports Gym.

Airdomes are attracting huge attention from the public which is used as popularized stadiums, it becomes the place to host international competition.

Complete construction within 15 days, Airdome Stadium helps to improve competition efficiency.

In Oct of 2022, Airdome stadium that is 1500 meters long was shown in World Table Tennis Championship competition, it only took 15 days to complete construction. We can say that it has broken the record of construction. This stadium is based on the modification of existing indoor Basketball court, therefore you do not need to worry about the difficulty to find a location. Airdome s grounding procedure is highly efficient , internal environment is better , which is considered as the strong back up force to support the on-going game.

Broadwell released the Fifth Generation of airdome which has equipped with intelligent foundation system and easier compatible system. In terms of Foundation, Fifth Generation Airdome adopted self-developing foundation system of Broadwell which called Easy Series, this system is designed according to the Military Standard, faster installation process. In terms of compatible system, it adopted Mobile Distributive Air conditioning system, which eliminated Ventilation channel construction. In normal circumstances, it will only took 2 days to complete construction , time it took was 60% shorter if we compare it with traditional airdome.

Besides High Efficiency Grounding Procedure , the appearance of Fifth Generation Broadwell Airdome stadium is enriching and it has humanized light-collecting design.

In the future, we have the reasons to expect the Fifth Generation of Airdome will soon be available to the public for daily exercise and various sports events.


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