Broadwell Airdome Stadium has Empowered ‘Smart Operation’ to be Grounded to University Campus

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An innovation project created in Chengdu Technological University for students Physical Education Class! There is an Inflated Sports Airdome Stadium near the Soccer Field on campus, this modernized Airdome Stadium is an indication for smart operation on campus, it improves the quality of ‘PhysicalEducation on campus. There is no doubt that Airdome Stadium will definitely bring New Blood to Physical Education!

The total Land Covered Area for Chengdu Technological University Airdome Sports Stadium is around 3200 square meters, there are 20 sections for Badminton and 15 sections for Pingpong Ball, it only took 2 month to complete. This project adopted Fifth Generation of Broadwell Airdome Technology, the Top of this airdome applied ClearStrong Transparent Membrane of Broadwellairdome. It absorbs lighting from outside naturally, which is transparent and bright, you do not need lighting system during the daytime inside of airdome, which helps you save energy consumption; Control system adopted Decentralized Control technology, EC Air-Ventilation system controls separately, which has lowered the risks of control system, improving system reliability, at the same time, it is able to lower more than 50% of energy consumption.

Besides that, stadium also adopts Broadwell patent ‘The Inclined Direct Cross Steel Harness Cable Technology, Blue Sky Air Purification technology, to improve Snow & Wind resistant capability of the stadium from External Environment. With that being said , it provides stable temperature and smog-free environment for internal space in all seasons, which has brought a comfortable environment for students and teachers.

Sports Equipment in school are heading to Green, Secure, Smart Direction.Intelligent Management in Sports Stadium is also considered as an important part for Smart Campus .

Airdome Sports Stadium is a Green Smart & Efficient athletic spaces , it lowers energy costs with Smart Airdome Technology , it achieves digitization in operation ,informational management. Broadwell self-developed smart remote control system Broadwell cloud control , it achieves unattended guard by applying cloud computing, Big Data Technology. Customers only need a cell phone to monitor control pressure, temperature, humidity, wind power, electricity status , Enter & Exit status on daily bases . If there is an emergency situation , you are able to contact police at anytime in 24 hours , it lowers the management costs.

From Regular Playground to Smart Campus'. Now, increasing number of Airdomes have 'entered' campus, which create a Green & Safe Healthy Athletic Spaces, it has become part of the Smart Campus culture. We believe that campus life will be fantastic with Broadwell Air Dome..


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