Broadwell Innovative Industrial Airdome 2.0 Technology, it helps to build “ Green Habor”

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In order to response to Ambition in Everywhere, we are trying to build the world class  Smart Harbour, Green Harbour  Important mission project. In recent years . the process to build  Green Harbour has been speeding up , sealed environmental protected airdome demand has been satisfied.  


Due to Huge size of Harbour Dock and large quantities of materials piled up, if the traditional structure is used to implement the closed treatment of dust pollution, it will bring great financial pressure to the enterprise. . Airdomes are able to cover huge areas and can be built within short amount of time,strong impermeability, which can be used for sealed storage of Port Bulk Yard, it is able to reduced capitalized costs and bring considerable profits, which will completely match the development concept of  Green Harbour.


As the pioneer in Industrial Airdome, Boradwell is the first enterprise to apply sealed airdome technology to material storage in Habour . In 2015, the Zhaoshang Habour business( Shenzhen) Airdome granary built by Broadwell. We have become the first company to apply airdome to Habour Material storage.


Broadwellairdome research and development department has been researching and increasing  investment  in Industrial Warehouse Airdomes, after going through years of researching process, we have successfully created First Generation Industrial Warehouse Airdome( Abbr. Industrial Airdome 1.0 ) We have been collaborating with Shenhua and have successfully applying Industrial airdome 1.0 technology to our first sealed airdome coal warehouse( Inner Mongolia ), which perfectly overcome  High Costs, Long Working Hour, Hard to keep  3 Bottlenecks , Broadwell has set the industrial standard for Industrial use Airdome.  


Now, Broadwell has developed Industrial airdome technology 2.0 to deal with indoor temperature, control system for Industrial Coal Airdome Warehouse, we have made huge breakthrough in Heat Insulating membrane, distributive control technology and Long Term Coal Storage.


Heat Insulating Membrane- It adopts Broadwell self-developed Clearstrong High Insulation,Infrared Ray Blocking Rate is up to 80%better heat insulating property, which is able to reduce 5-8 degrees inside of airdome spontaneously.


Distributed Controlled Technology, Adopting centralized and distributive control method, EC Ventilation separated independent control, lowering control system risks , improving the reliability of controlled system, lowering energy consumption by 50% or above at the same time.


Long term Coal Storage Technology provides small coal storage system for customers who want to store coal for long term, which is able to realize coal storage for 3-6 Month, low costs and no pollution, will not burn spontaneously and will not result in any losses.


At the same time, in terms of creating Green Clean Energy Supply, Broadwell combined Photovoltaics Solar Energy Technology and Airdomes, developing Photovoltaics airdome technology and test proved by technical difficulty overcome project of Shenzhen Technology Innovation committee. Broadwell s industrial Airdome 2.0 and Photovoltaics airdome are integrating, it is improving the usage of clean energy while lowering the dust emission to air. To realized self sufficiency for electricity supply near harbour, building a real  Zero Carbon Emission , Green Harbour, Broadwellairdome has been tested and proved by Shenzhen Technical Innovation Committee . We are dedicating to make more harbour to be Green and Innovative. The ultimate purpose is to benefit future generation.  


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