Besides Barbecue , There is one more Treasure in ZIBO ! We call it "The ZIBO Pearl”!

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For this labor day, many visitors went for Barbecue in ZIBO according to the "Popular Trending" that circulated on the internet. Today, I want to reveal the truth, there are what we called  ZIBO Pearl” that attracted many visitors' attention. 


ZIBO Pearl is not the actual Pearl, it is a Pearl Look-like structure, which located in the axle wire of the center city . If we look down from the sky, they look like 3 Pearls on the ground, where the name of  ZIBO Pearl comes from.  ZIBO Pearl Project was completed on 2020, now it becomes the icon in  ZIBO , you are able to see it in many Aerial photographs.


ZIBO Pearl Under the "Night View"


Unique Shape of ZIBO Pearl. it 'absorbs' strong power as well. The total land cover area has reached 26151 square meters, which is able to host meetings, Exhibitions, Performance, Competitive Games, Entertainment Shows and it is able to be used as projection screen. It has hosted multiple exhibition events since creation, such as ZIBO Beer Festival, Pottery Exhibition, ZIBO International Car Exhibitions are hosted here, the reputation has been spread across the nation.


Like ZIBO Barbecue, ZIBO Pearl is the icon of the city, it is highly recognized by the people, which should be credited to Airdome Structure. Airdome structures can be quickly set up, construction team do not need complete complicated reporting process, it is environmental friendly and intelligent, it is widely applied to Stadiums and Industrial Material storage &Factory.


In terms of Meeting Exhibition, Wide open spaces inside of airdome , No beam and Column, it is convenient and fast, airdome suits various activities. Meanwhile, Airdome is like natural screen, which can be used as projected screen. Various shapes are available, especially at night, it turns into the light of landscape , which is a really good advertisement channel , it is the ideal choice for Commercial Activity Exhibition.



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