How Do Our Domes Perform With The Snow?

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Many dome companies do not even engineer their domes to withstand the weight of any accumulated snow, contending that all snow will slide off the dome. However, every dome has a nearly flat surface on top, which will always accumulate snow. One of the widely accepted air dome industry methods for protecting a dome when a heavy snow fall is predicted is to increase the internal pressure of the dome. Fabric alone cannot handle nearly as high internal pressures as fabric supported by the cable harness system. Thus, air dome pressure in Broadwell’s domes can be higher than any dome without our cable harness system, creating a much more rigid and strong structure capable of handling much higher snow loads.

When it comes to wind, domes without our cable harness will experience tremendous movement, often causing internal hang lights to sway violently. The video to the left shows this happening to a dome without a cable harness system. It also shows the wind tunnel tests we conducted on our cable harness design.



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