Patented Cable Harness System

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Evenly distributes both internal uplift force and external force to the anchorage system, reduce the force on membrane,Provides optimal structural stability, can resist the attack of wind and blizzard, extends the service life of the building;   Withstand 67m/s hurricanes (level16 typhoon) and more than 250kg/sqm of snow;   Lead the shape of air dome change little under high wind load: Under high winds, the displacement of BROADWELL air dome less than 10cm, while others are more than 2m, that is dangerous. Our Bias Harness Cable Net System is the key technology for the air dome in the area like South-east Asia and Middle East, which the temperature difference is very big, without the protection of Bias Harness Cable Net System, the strength of fabric welding seam will be reduced quickly (the strength of welding seam will reduce more than 70% when the temperature is beyond 40℃), which makes the welding seam more easily to crack, the service life of air dome will be reduced, too.


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