Broadwell Cable Harness Cable Net System

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Broadwell’s Cable Harness System is a Netting of Cable that goes over the entire fabric envelope and attaches to the dome foundation. It covers the entire dome, distributing the forces acting on the fabric of the dome evenly across the entire structure.

Without Cable Net System, the structure is just an air bubble with weak stiffness, and the dome shape would be stretched with heavy snow loads.

With Cable Harness System, the structure with much stronger stiffness and dome shape remains unchanged with heavy snow loads. The structure could handle up to 2 inch H2O internal pressure。

Unique patented bias-harness cable net system with aesthetic design;


☆ Completely cover the outer membrane, greatly reduce the stress of the membrane material, extend the service life;


☆ Force transfer path is clear Fabric Cable net  Anchoring system Anchorage  Foundation,Calculations meet architectural code;


☆ According to the 50-year load standard for the design of the structure, withstand 67 m/s wind (level16 typhoon) and more than 250 kg/m2 of snow;


☆ Deformation is small,less than 20cm,without cable net over 2m;


☆Under storm day, internal pressure can increased to 500-600pa, withstand the snow.



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