The Icy Revolution of Berry Products, Farmers’ Best Partner

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Broadwell Multiple Quick Install Mobile Coolers have been grounded and operated in Multiple Blueberry Manufacturing Centers such as Huizhou, YunFu,Foshan places etc. This type of Mobile cooler combines functions such as Constant-Temperature Processing , Pre-Cooling Process, Freezing , Sterilization , which will assure the quality of agricultural products , making sure the food products are still fresh after picking it up from the tree. Preserving the Economic value of the agricultural products.


One thing we need to concern is that to reduce wastes during transportation, fruits usually picked up from trees before it is getting riped, Then farmers rely on chemicals for accelerating ripening Process . This method will have a huge impact on its flavor and nutrition value, which arouse peoples concerns of food security. The core value of this issue is lacking of 'precooling process' for agricultural products within the country, the popularization of pre-cooling equipments is still low, meanwhile, there are  downsides of traditional coolers such as 'limitation on  constant development of agricultural products', 'limited spaces', 'can not be relocated for different types of purposes.'


The Painpoint of Traditional Cooler

1.Difficult to be relocated                  

2.Difficult to Maintain &Repair                 

3.Temperature Difference


Broadwell Cooler will resolve the relocation issue, transportation issue, temperature issue and cleanness degree of traditional cooler.Our Broadwell cooler provides even inner temperature which will reduce the speed of deterioration.



This cooler has great air tightness feature,great heat isolation feature, membrane material can effectively reduce cold air leak, average consumption is approximately 0.5-1.0 kwh.


Broadwell Patent Rapid Quick Installed Technology which is able to realize quick installation and quick dismantle process. It can be folded as whole, lower transportation costs ,which is only 1/10 of the container cooler , therefore this cooler can be located wherever it needed.


Smart Freshness control technology which is able to cool down agricultural products quickly and control inner space moisture & temperature. This technology is able to cool down 30 degrees within 1 hour, and effectively control temperature , temperature will fluctuate within 2 degrees.The test result of this cooler shows that our Broadwell cooler is 50% more efficient than others, which guarantees the quality of Blueberry and also reduces the costs for our customers.



Broadwell s Bluesky sterilizing Technology, which is able to create a sterilizing environment for inner space, sterilizing and killing bacteria, Harmful substances such as pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and bacteria will be killed to keep the food products save.  



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