An Airdome Stadium That Hidden in ‘Urban Oasis’

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Airdome Stadium is commonly seen in Urban Area, it not only provides a cozy sports areana,but also plays an important role in facilitating low carbon emission in the urban area. The role of Broadwell Airdome is to facilitate sustainable development, it will gradually become a symbol of the "Green" Healthy Urban LIfe.

This Airdome is located in OCT area in Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China, which is covering 1,500,000 square meters land, it has been fully utilizing the the resources of environmental protection, it has expanded "Green Belt" of the government, which has also been referred to as " Metropolis Oasis", Fine Works of Clubs. Now, it has welcomed our new partners--- Three Airdomes with "Green Color Coating", which become the landmark of the area.

These Airdome stadiums are sponsored by Shahe Culture Sports Creative Development Co., Ltd. BroadwellAirdome is responsible to build ShaHe Sports Center Airdome Gym, it is by far the largest comprehensive Airdome stadiums group . There are two bigger Airdomes and one smaller Airdome, which are 2 Badminton stadiums that are 64 meters in length, 50 meters in width. Total area is 6400 square meters. There are 48 badminton courts ; A VIP Comprehensive Gym that is 66 meters long, 36 meters wide, the total area is 2376 square meters. Total 1 tennis court set, one basketball court and 6 badminton courts. VIP Comprehensive Stadium that will serve VIP Members from Golf Club after it completes setting up processes.

Speaking of the Broadwell Airdome Appearance, Airdome stadiums adopted Green Membrane material, the entire Airdome is covered by bright color, which has completely matched the surrounding environment. There are light transmittance zones equipped on each of the Airdome stadium , which located on the top and also on the side of the Airdome, it improves the natural light adoption inside of the Airdome, which has saved costs for lighting during the day. . It adopted with Broadwell's patented technology, " Unique Bias Harness Cable Net System", which has enhanced the strength of the entire Airdome structure, it also has wind-resistance, strong anti-vibration features, which located in ShenZhen Bay Area that is getting close to the sea area. It is able to survive even if strong typhoon swipe across the region.Besides, Airdome stadium is smartly controlled by Broadwell's Independent Developing System. Owners are able to remotely control the inside of Airdome through remote 'Intelligent Control System.' owners are also able to monitor inside of an Airdome through remote Intelligent Controlled System, enabling owners to monitor the situatiohn inside of Airdome even if they are not presented in the Airdome. In case of the emergency, the remote smart control system is able to enable alarming system and will immediately send the alarm to client's smart phone , therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

Airdome stadium does not need cement and bricks, it is fully supported by air and environmental friendly membrane, which rarely relies on traditional building materials and natural resources, it involves low-carbon construction technology. Light weight-which enables it to be built in any land conditions, such as Rooftop, Garden, Community, Saving Land Resources of Metropolis Area. Airdome stadium is Anti- Smog, assemble installation has little damge to the ground area, it does not generate dust pollution and emission; it creates less pollutant particles . When it reaches the end of the lifespan period; it can be disassembled at anytime and can be relocated to anywhere. We can say that when we want to create an Airdome, we are facilitating Green Sustainable Development, creating low-carbon emission atmosphere, providing cozy,energy saving, healthy modern lifestyle. Broadwell Air Dome, which has become the new trending for high quality life in the city.


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