Super League in the Countryside

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There is a super league that is happening in RongJiang County in Guizhou Province, which goal is to make soccer a fun activity, it is a brand new concept which has aroused the attention within internet community. In July, Europe's Big Five Football Leagues have come to the Off Season”. However, the Super League has lasted for the entire July in Chinas countryside.

'Countryside League', 'Countryside BA' has been grabbed our attention and these games are popular among the residents. The demand to participate in sports activity have been dramatically increasing , people seems to be aware of the benefits of exercises in recent years due to previous pandemic.

Speaking of the success Super League that hosted in the countryside in GuiZhou, there is one set of data that we need to follow : “There are over 25 Soccer Teams in RongJiang County,14 pieces of Standard Football Fields , it is about 2.856 square meters /10000 people according to national data. According to , our football field area per capita is only 0.71 square meter per ten thousand people , Football Fields in RongJiang County is about 4 times more than national average. We can tell it from the data we get . Regardless of developing rural sports activity or developing city sports activity, we need to make sure that there are enough of sports facilities to make sure that people will be excited about doing exercises because they are able to find a way to release their energy. We are only able to bring enthusiam if we make sure there are enough facilities equipments there for us to use .Only practice makes it perfect. it will be the land that IncubatingSports activities.

The two committees(Agricultural Rural Sector Office,Sports General Office of the General Administration of Sport) have unitedly published an article, they are going to upgrade Country BA to National Competitive Games . We are going to embrace the peaking point of sports Games among our people through the trending of Countryside Super League. In terms of the entire nation, if we want to 'copy' the success story of RongJiang County, we have to build the Gym for sports activity and perfect our infrastruture.

Down to Earth Gymnasium

Air Domes can be quickly installed, flexible to use land, saving energy are the advantages of Air Dome Gymnasium, which has been referred to most “Down to Earth Gym structure, which has become the common type of Gym around us in recent years.

The innovation of Air Dome gym has always been focusing to get close popularization, which is allowing general population to like it. This year, Broadwell Air Dome has released the Fifth Generation Gymnasium, which has promoted Air Dome products to be simple and developed in industrialized pattern.

Fifth Generation of Air Dome Stadium has upgraded in the following components Membrane Material, basic Foundation Systems , Air Blowers three systems , which has improved visualization degree of the internal environment, to shorten the work duration period, lowering the energy consumption, improving the security level. In terms of foundation system, the Fifth Generation Air Dome provides faster basic anchoring proposal, which is able to satisfy different road condition such as asphalt and concrete floors, Air Domes can not only built above the ground in Rural Villages, but it can also be built on top of the roof; In the park ,communities such as regional constructions in the city. Due to upgrade in the basic system, which has significantly improved to shorten the construction period. Air Domes are able to complete installation if conditions have meet the requirements. In terms of mechanical equipments, the fifth generation of Air Dome stadiums have adopted independent EC air blower, which is compatible with the feature of lower energy costs and high security level, energy consumption has been lowered 50 % if we compare to previous energy consumption. In terms of membrane material, Light Transmittance rate of Clearstrong transparent membrane has been reaching up to 93%, upgrading Lighting Environment inside of the gym, offering broader vision during exercises.

We have designed standard venue such as swimming pool, badminton, tennis, basketball etc to our customers . We have eliminated complicated design procedures etc , we will ship the order right away when customers place an order. Our standard Air Dome stadium which is exclusively created for northern region . Under the trending of vigorous development of popular sports , grounding procedure is faster, cost is economical, airdomes are smarter and able to protect the environment . In the future, we need these kinds of Air Domes which are Down to Earth & Diversify , we want to arouse the awareness of sports and the importance of exercise, to keep the entire society to be energetic and be passionate about sports activity, therefore we are able to continously provide vital power to the sports industry.


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