Broadwell Group has successfully Celebrated 20 Years of Anniversary in 2023

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From Feb 16th 2023 to Feb 20th 2023, Broadwell's 20th year Anniversary events were hosted in Muskawa Hot Spring Hotel in HuiZhou "Yet with firm strides,we are conquering its summit..The employees from Shenzhen Head Quarters , Xi’An Research and Development Center, Salt Lake production base are gathering together , they are enjoying the celebration.

In 20 years , we have been going through a lot, the hardworks that we have put into in 20 years, which has made what we are today. In 2003 Feb 19th, Broadwell was born in Shenzhen High Tech Area, we rooted in which we called City of Innovation”, we have faith to innovate, Broadwell has been spread the new concept of Air Dome to China , we have been gone through in 20 years, Air Dome Industry has been developing from a small seeds to a Giant Tree.

From the First Top Air Dome in 2006 , the first Colorful Dome, starting from the first permanent Inclined Net Air Dome, Broadwell carries technology innovation and application innovation to move forward simultaneously. In 2011, the Horse Back that we have collaborated with Foxconn . In 2012, Anti-Haze Air Dome Gym -The First Air Dome Environmental Protection coal bunker in China, The First Air Dome Ice Skating House. Fast-Loading Negative pressure nucleic acid laboratory in 2020, shifting holding cooler in 2022, which relys on era trending of Chinas rapid economic development, Broadwell has been continuously to expand business domain. Now we have business segments include Gymnastics, Industrial business, Medical , Agriculture, Cold Chain , Military such 10 Business segments. In 20 years of development of Broadwell , company has created core technical methods that is based on Air Domes. developing the strategic pattern of diversification in multiple fields.

Now we have been gone through in 20 years. Innovation is the driving force of Broadwell , Broadwell has been promoting Air Dome Industry to move forward with its core technology advantages under innovated research and development.

In the past 20 years, Broadwell insists to follow National Strategy , we want to locate the pain point of the industry , to satisfy High Quality Modernize Development demand for various industries, to provide basic support of national major industry, to add supports for sustainable development of the city, contributing forces in Fitness, Ice skating industry, revitalize agriculture , cold-chain logistic construction, contributing in achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals etc national strategic events.

In 20 years of development, Broadwell has been generated Global Development pattern, achieving the full coverage of regional market within local market, market share is ranked as the top. At the same time, overseas market has been gradually expanding, which has been taken Russia, US, Canada, Southeast Asia, Korea, Qatar , Israel, Saudi ,Greek etc countries and regions . In overseas market , Broadwell has successfully created Smart Made in China China Speed reputation, which has shown great competitive force in overseas market.

In 20 Years stable development, the system of the company has been perfected , management is heading to maturity, the size has been continuously expanding , the headquarter in Shenzhen , Xian research and development centers, salt lake Air Dome production basement , chifeng production base which is under planning of construction , Four places are cooperating with each other, the team has been continuously to enlarged.

We have never forgotten our social responsibility while we are developing at a faster speed , we have never forgotten to give back to the society , In 20 years of development of Broadwell, Broadwell has always been practicing social responsibility, we are actively hosting various social public benefits , caregiving activities. During the pandemic , the Fast Installed Hard Air Dome Nucleic Acid Experiment Lab has been playing an important role in pandemic prevention, 90% of the production force guarantee anti-pandemic related products.

20 years of development , we have gone steadily Far. We are going to making development plans in higher altitude, we have been catching the trending, starting the new journey of Broadwell is our responsibility and mission. Due to fast changing environment and new development pattern , the economic situation is transferring from high speed development to high quality development . Broadwell will continuously to summarize, adjusting to meet the new requirement and demands from the market.

Broadwell is setting the 20 years anniversary as the new starting point, we are going to start a new journey , we will continuously to bring innovated products to the industry and will open a new chapter for Air Dome industry.


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