The Beauty of Broadwell Airdome Soccer Ball Field

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Broawell Airdome Soccer Ball Field is a sustainable Soccer Ball Construction, we only use environmentally friendly membrane materials. It saves not only material ,but also shortening the time to build. Now, the Fifth Generation of Soccer Ball Airdome stadium has been updated in every aspect, from construction period to pricing, they all have been upgraded. It is perfect for the concept of sustainable development. Today, we would like to talk about the benefits of Fifth Generation Airdome Soccer Ball Field: 1. It only needs 15 days to build and can be easily approved, you will be able to receive fast rate of return if you invest in this project. 2. Daylight Environment is similar to outdoor environment, which allow the dome to adopt efficient light from outdoor.




Cooling in the Summer, warmer in the Winter . In Broadwellairdome, we have patented technology called 'clearstrong' High barrier film materials, which can block 80% of 'Infrared Rays', it makes the internal temperature to be 5-8 degree cooler compare to External Environment. In the winter, Membrane material will keep the internal warm temperature and save energy. 100% space utilization ; Providing a no shadowing lighting environment, it allows the athletics to focus on the Game. Airdome Stadium will start effective ventilation every one hour , it purifies the air from outside environment. Even if there are fogs from outside, the membrane material is able to purify it. The membrane material will keep the PM 2.5 indicator to be around 20. Rainfall will automatically clear the surface of the Membrane, it saves time and money. The Special outlook of Broadwellairdome becomes the icon for landmarks.





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