Broadwell has made zero-breakthrough in European Market, North America Quota has been expanded once again

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In last December, Broadwell has made great breakthrough in European Market- The First European Project--SMYA Athletic Court has been grounded in National Defense University in Greece. The Length inside of the Playing Field is 40 Meters , Width is 35 Meters ,Height is 12 Meters. Total Area is around 1400 Square Meters , which is a Multi-Functional Indoor Gym include Basketball Field and Fitness center. This Air Dome is the New Established Sports Facilities in Greece National Defense Universities,we will provide high quality daily exercise field for the Entire Faculties in campus.

Chinese Air Dome Brand is shining on Top of Athens

Athens is the origin of the Olympic Games , it has one of the best Gym in the World -which is called Athens Olympic Gym. Meanwhile, Athens is located in the coast of Mediterranean, where the Earthquake and Typhoons happened a lot , therefore, Air Dome Gym is an ideal construction proposal for the Region . National Defense University has applied multiple patterns of Broadwell for building this Air Dome ,especially Inclined Wire technology, which can resist strong Typhoon to 16 degrees,which is ensuring the gym to operate in a secure and stable way. As permanent Gym , it can be used for 35 years . The project will complete within 7 days after it is being delivered , the efficiency has revealed so called China Speed. This is the first time for a Chinese Air Dome Brand to enter European Market. Its high quality, high efficiency delivery and innovative technology have provided great impression for European Customers, which has acquired Recognition and the degree of satisfaction.

North America Market has been continuously to heat up

At the same time, Broadwell Brand has been grounded in multiple projects, market share has been expanded once again. In Last December, in Kingston Canada , there is a multi functional Pickle ball Gym which has 2443 square meters and a tennis court which has 4053 square meters are established one after another . These two projects were created in last June , Broadwell and Canada Tennis Association have signed a project for strategic collaboration. Broadwell will build Air Dome Tennis Court in Multi Cities for Canada Tennis Association by using our latest 5th Generation Air Dome Technology.This year, there will be more Air Domes Gymnasium to be grounded in different cities in Canada.


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