Air Domes Greenhouse Applications and Benefits

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Greenhouse is a phenomenon of capturing the light and warmth of the sun. The ozone layer helps do that naturally, and the Broadwell air dome greenhouse can be used for personal domestic applications.

Top 5 Air Domes Greenhouse Applications and Benefits

The best 5 applications and benefits of Broadwell air dome greenhouse include:

Rapid installation within 2 hours in every condition

Installing a Broadway air dome greenhouse takes no more than an overall time of 2 hours. Using any other type of greenhouse construction can take much longer, whereas the time with these air domes is much less. Because of the unique patented design technology, the structure gets upright quickly and becomes ready for usage.

Usually, these domes require nothing but some supporting lines. That will hold it in its place while the dome's skeleton gives it the structure to stay upright.

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Foldable design for easy storage and transportation

Broadwell air dome greenhouse can be a great addition to your agricultural equipment for winter, but some plants do not need the same conditions during the summer season. The folding design makes it a great option for easily closing, folding, and storing it away.

Due to such a design, it is much easier to transport the air domes with you as you move. Meanwhile, the reliable membrane material says strong and intact.

Reliable against severe weather conditions

The Broadwell air dome greenhouse is made with the patented ClearStrong membrane technology that brings high light transmission while keeping it all durable. This durability is highly valuable in severe conditions like:

  • Wind speeds reach up to 20m/s of load.
  • Snow load of up to 0.4Kn/m^2

You need to get a solid structure to deal with such weather conditions. Otherwise, most greenhouses cannot withstand these conditions. However, with the durable membrane technology, such weather conditions do not create a problem for Broadwell’s air domes.

Reliable aluminum alloy construction

One of the many reasons behind these air domes' strength, durability, and reliability is the aluminum structure. These air domes are based on a high-strength alloy skeleton made from aluminum. This structure is not only very strong, but it is also very easy to assemble and disassemble.

With that, the safety and portability of these greenhouse domes become much better. The overall structure of these domes is independent of storage, movement, and carrying, allowing you to use them in any outdoor space.

Freedom to get as much coverage as you want.

One of the best things about these greenhouse domes is that you can access the area. You can get your domes customized as per your specifications. So, from height to width and length, everything can be made to fit your needs. The best part is that this structure can be shortened or expanded as needed, unlike other greenhouse structures.

Use air domes to get greenhouse effects for all requirements.

If you have agricultural land or want to grow plants under different weather conditions, using Broadwell air dome greenhouse will be the perfect option. So, get yours made right according to your space requirements.


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