Tennis Air Dome

Tennis Air Dome

Tennis Air Dome Introduction


Broadwell Tennis Air Membrane stadiums give full play to the advantages of small and medium-sized, multi-functional, flexible and diverse, convenient and fast, and can be moved and disassembled, and have gradually become the main force of national fitness venues in my country.

Tennis Air Dome


Tennis Air Dome Advantage

Tennis Air Dome Advantage


Tennis Air Dome case


Pohang City Tennis Dome of South Korea

This is a government evacuation center in Pohang, Korea. If we compare it with many other structures, Pohang government choose Broadwell Air Dome as the solution after the earthquake in 2017. This whole facility is powered entirely by solar energy. And in the normal days, it is used as sports center for the citizens nearby.

Pohang 2019
L90m×W70.5m×H23m   4970㎡

cases image:

air dome tennis

What is the Clear Dome?

A clear dome system is with Ultra-Transparent Membrane (ClearStrong®) envelope, UHMWPE cable net system, EC fan, vent and standby battery, compared with the ordinary air dome, the cost can be reduced 50%, the construction period can reduce 90%. Fully meet the demand for seasonal construction of sports such as basketball, tennis, football, etc.








New Seasonal Sports Court Cover Solution






Standard Tennis Clear Dome Package






Why choose Broadwell



1 / PatentedTechnology, Industry Initiative

Ultra-translucent Air Dome is Broadwell's latest innovation technology, Open up the future and subvert the status quo of the industry.






2 / Global Procurement, High Quality & Good Price

Broadwell has rich supplier channels and strict quality inspection system to ensure that every part, component and even every screw is delivered from first-class supplier.






3 / Factory Direct Supply, Global Express Arrive

Broadwell has a complete production base and efficient logistics, 24/7 express delivery, through a variety of transportation channels to arrive all area of world








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